by - Monday, September 18, 2017

...except I DO care! Growing a whole new head of hair as an adult is a strange experience, and even more so when your new hair is completely different from what you're used to!

I've always had super thick hair, and pre-cancer I kept it long (about mid-back) and blonde - see my before and after pic above. It had some wave to it, but calling it 'curly' would be a stretch. My new hair is full of "chemo curls" - tight ringlets all over my head. I'm told it will calm down at some point, but I'm not quite there yet.  Since this is an entirely different hair experience for me, I feel awkward a lot of the time - and so I'm on a never-ending quest for great products to care for my new curly hair.

I haven't found my "holy grail" products yet, and I've tried a bunch. My favorites so far are either from Miss Jessie's or DevaCurl. I tend to grab something from Miss Jessie's whenever I'm low on whatever I'm currently using.  Target often has a pretty decent Miss Jessie's collection, so it's really convenient to pick something out while I'm running errands - no special trip required. One other benefit to Miss Jessie's products? I've found that most of them smell so good - like fresh clean laundry! I've gotten several compliments on how good I smell, and it's often thanks to Miss Jessie.  I really love DevaCurl for my in-shower shampoo and conditioner, and they've got a great microfiber hair towel too. My local Target doesn't stock DevaCurl in stores, but they do have it online. I usually pick DevaCurl up at my local Ulta (or order from Amazon) so it's not quite as convenient as picking some up at Target, but it's still pretty easily accessible.

I've linked the products I use most often below, and they're also in the widget at the bottom of this post along with some other options I'll be trying next! I'd love to hear from any of you who are curly girls - what are your favorite products?

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